Atman Festival is a tribal gathering that stems from an international organization with the objective of developing a new musical dimension within the tropical paradise known as Sri Lanka.

A whole week of art, music and performances where punters from all over the world share a unique and great experience brought together by the pleasure of discovering  a new and different reality.

Atman represents the collective consciousness bringing us together but still underlining our own individuality.


Alien Trancesistor | Aladin | Amanoyak | Antonymous | Arjuna | Aztec Dosage | Chozen jo |Confo
Craked Nozes | Crystal Distorsion | Ctc Drope | Daash | Dark Elf | Dark Whisper | Dayana | Digoa | Dina & Shev | Dirty Saffi | Doc | Dr Buzz | Ectobot | Ectogasmics | Farebi Jalebi | Free | Full Moon Mondo | Giuseppe | Hentai Camera | Hypogeo | Indacoruna | Ixindamix | Jahbo | Jay om | Kasadelica | Kasatka | KlangMassaker | Kliment | Kykeon | Lab Rats | Loopus in Fabula | Lurker | Malkaviam | Megalopsy | Microdot | Mik3l | Nstomp | Nirmal | Nobot | Noctilus | Nuki | Okapi | Orestis | Paolino | Parasense | Psy Yang | Psymmetrix | Psynonima | Quadraphonic | Radice | Rastaliens | Rawar | Ritual | Sator Arepo | Seb | Sensient | Simiantics | Southwild | Spore | Swarup | Toto | Tromo | Trypnoize | Vlastur vs Dark elf | Vooroo Jack | White Wizard | Yonagual | Zik | ZikOre


We are now working hard to prepare the line up for the alternative stage. This stage will present a wide variety of music genre and styles to offer you a worldwide music journey. Stay tuned here or like our Facebook page to catch the latest festival news.



Presale and tickets will be available to purchase soon on our website. As first we will release a limited number of tickets at a very discounted price, therefore be quick to grab yours if you will to save money on your entry ticket. We will announce the start of presale on our Facebook page.


Again, this year, we have decided to donate part of the proceedings of the festival ticket sales to the NGO “Stop Staring, Start Caring” and to the local communities.
10 euros of the price of the ticket will be donated for charity: 5 euros to the NGO and another 5 to the local communities.
One of our constant and most important projects includes the solid help we have been giving to a society that stems from a very rocky past including civil wars, tsunamis, poverty and violation of human rights.
With  part of the proceedings of the sale of the 2017 festival tickets, the German NGO, has been able to build a solid access road, a drainage system and part of the roof for the ‘Pahan Tharuwa’ building: a new home for unwed expecting underage mothers of the region around Wellawaya.
To know more and support the NGO please visit: