Tickets, Terms and Conditions

* Atman Festival 2022 is postponed to January 2023 due to safety reasons, soon we will start a new presale campaign.

* The ticket holder is entitled to receive one 2023 Atman Festival Wristband.

• All Atman Festival 2022 tickets will be valid for access to Atman Festival 2023.

• All 2022 tickets will be transferable once.

• If your ticket is refundable: write to [email protected]

• Our staff will process the refunds within one month after the application to the account linked to the card you used to purchase the ticket.

• In order to claim the festival wristband you will have to confirm your identity by cross matching the name on the ticket and a valid Passport or ID.

Due to the special discount price, Early Bird and Phase 1 Tickets are not refundable.

• To manage administrative costs we will deduct 25% from the amount of each refound, including 10€ for the charity program.

• You can enter the festival premises only with the wristband you get at the gates.

• The wristband is personalized and non-transferable.

• Do not remove the wristband from where it is placed on you by the organizers during your participation of the event, wear it at all times! It is your responsibility to make sure that it remains intact and undamaged.

• Wristbands that have been removed, transferred, damaged or tampered with become INVALID: you cannot use them to enter or stay on the festival premises.

• The wristband cannot be exchanged for money.

• By showing and/or wearing the wristband on the premises you accept the Terms and Conditions of the event, which you have understood and accepted before entering.

• By attending the event, you expressly consent to your appearance in video and/or audio recordings on site and accept that such recordings may be made public without your further permission. You also understand and accept that in case of a serious violation of the Terms and Conditions (e.g. causing harm to yourself and others, trafficking illegal drugs or offering, advertising thereof, etc.), the organizers have the right to and will remove your wristband and will expel you from the premises of the festival.

• Organizers take no responsibility for possible damages occurring to persons or valuables.

• We reserve the right to alter or change the program.